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An Awareness Generation Camp organized with “Central Social Welfare Board” was a platform for the rural women to come together to exchange and share their ideas and experiences and through this process they have developed an understanding of the real life situations to be able to tackle and handle problems and also fulfil their needs. The camps continued with the household survey with the objective of selecting participants, finding out the issues that needs to be discussed. From this survey, we found out that the households faced certain problems such as dowry, alcoholism, domestic violence, unhygienic ways of living, improper sanitation, unemployment and lack of awareness on Government sponsored program and schemes, etc. Keeping their needs in mind, the objectives were finalized. We got really positive response for this awareness program and it is also encouraging to note that participants are looking forward to more such programs in future. As a part of follow up activities, we conducted a survey and found that maximum women have been taking the advantage of their knowledge and exposer gained in the Awareness Generation Project.