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All most all our essential commodities are being adulterated with either substances of inferior quality or excess quantities of chemical additives or have pesticide residues which produce toxic effects and are detrimental to the health of people. All this is happing due to unfair trade practices & lack of people’s awareness. Considering the need, a series of training program has been designed for science teachers and communicators of Odisha state. The main objective of this training was to train them on various simple methods for detection and prevention of adulterants in food articles and motivate them to teach such tips to the students and general people in their respective fields. Under this project, an attempt was made to develop a testing kit consists of a plastic box with some solutions, a few test tubes, a dropper to transfer the solutions, watch glass, lens, filter papers, litmus papers and an instruction manual, which can be used to test adulteration in essential food commodities.