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Everybody is aware of the menace of overdose of chemical pesticide which is being used indiscriminately by the farmers during cultivation. It not only reduces the soil fertility but also increases pesticide toxic residue inside the human body. Now it is common knowledge that one can find chemical pesticide reside even in mother’s milk! There is unanimity that it is high time, the world moved towards a chemical pesticide-free world. Ideally there should not be any use of chemical pesticides during cultivation. But the fact remains that the humankind has to live with pests and thus there is a need to manage pests scientifically so that minimum harm is causd to living beings without compromising with yield or quality of fertility of soil.

In order to address the problem SUPRATIVA is popularizing use of Neem and Pongamia Soaps for Integrated Pest Management in vegetable crops. “Bioneemo’ and “Bioponga” are two brand names. Pests like Aphids, Armyworm, Brown Planthopper, Citrus Aphid, Citrus Leafminer, Corn Stem Borer, Flea Beetle, Green Leafhopper, Leafhopper, Leafminer, Psyllid, Pulse Beetle, Rice Caseworm, Scale Insects, Whitefly, Whorl Maggot etc. are being controlled by using these biopesticides. To our credit, the concept and idea “Using neem and pongamia soaps as effective bio-pesticides for growing vegetables” has won the India Development Marketplace Award-2007 sponsored by the World Bank, New Delhi. Now, this project is being implemented in six villages of Cuttack Sadar Block of Cuttack District by involving hundreds of vegetable farmers. The innovative procedure is its simplicity of preparation, readily available of raw materials, cost effectiveness and convenience of use by the farmers. Training workshop on organic methods of pest control, preparation of neem and pongamia-based soap, application of biopesticide, organic manure etc. are key activities of the project.