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Amongst the minorities, Muslim community is the largest community but still far behind the benefits of development. Unlike in many other community’s leadership qualities among the minorities, especially among the Muslim community are lagging behind due to socio-religious causes. So, there is a need to make the women from the minority community aware of their rights and duties so that they can take leadership position to speak not only for themselves but for their own community. Considering the needs, the organization conducted Leadership Development Training Program, benefiting 350 minority women in selected places of Cuttack District, Odisha. The main objective of the leadership development program was to empower the women from the minority communities and emboldening them to move out of the confines of their home and community and acquire leadership roles and assert their rights, collectively or individually, in accessing services, facilities, skills, and opportunities besides claiming their due share of development benefits of the Government for improving their lives and living conditions. The program was sponsored by the Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India.