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There are thousands of children working in large number of different industries and occupations all over the Odisha state. Taking the above scenario of the state into consideration, Government of India established special schools for child labours under the National Child Labour Project in Cuttack district. As an implementing agency, SUPRATIVA opened a Special Schools at Dadhibamanpur, Saffa and Dibati of Cuttack district. The objective of this project was to identify and withdraw child labours within the age group of 6 to 14 years engaged in hazardous occupations and rehabilitate them by giving value based primary education in an intensive manner, so that they could be mainstreamed in formal school of education. In order to attain the above objective, SUPRATIVA is providing non-formal education, skill development training, supplementary nutrition, monthly stipend, and health care service to 200 child labours. Now all of them are studying in different formal schools.