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Elimination of child labour is an article of faith and commitment on the part of Government under the Ministry of Labour; it has to be viewed as the concern of the nation. As the population increases at an alarming rate, more and more children enter the world of wage labour at their school going age (5-14) that becomes a matter of grave anxiety and concern to the policy formulators, framers of law and social awareness inducers as well as guardians like us.

Since 2001, the Organization is implementing National Child Labour Project in Cuttack District. After withdrawing children from hazardous occupations, the organization rehabilitate them in the special school established for this purpose, where they are provided with non formal education, vocational training, stipend, nutrition, etc. The children in the special schools are taught through a non-formal mode with a condensed syllabus for a maximum period of 3 years. After 3 years of special school education, the children are reaching a level of 5th standard. After completion of the special school education children are being joined in formal stream of education in 6th standard.  After mainstreaming of 100 children in first & second phase, another 50 children have been admitted to the special school running at Garudagaon village of Tangi Choudwar Block by SUPRATIVA. The performance of this project is appreciable and worthy of replication. No doubt, this school is essentially acting as bridge institution to enable children withdrawn from work to join mainstream education.

Under Campaign Against Child Labour (CACL), the organization has been intensively working in the field of child rights and trying its best to make the society free from child expatiation.

The various objectives of the campaign for which, the organization is working are-

  • To create mass awareness and mobilize public opinion against child labour.
  • To pressurize Government to evolve a comprehensive policy for eradication of child labour.
  • To review policies, legislation on child labour issue, ensuring strict implementation of existing child labour law.
  • To intervene in cases of violations of child rights and abuse of child labour in fact finding and litigation.