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The Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) Program being implemented by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MOHFW) through Mother/Field NGOs, supports various interventions aimed at enabling clients to receive councelling and education for responsible and health sexual behaviour, make informed choices, access user-friendly services for preventing unwanted pregnancy and safe abortion, maternity care, child survival and management of reproductive tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases.

The underlying philosophy of the scheme has been one of nurturing and capacity building. The objectives are for addressing the gaps in information or RCH services in the project area, Building strong institutional capacity, promote advocacy and awareness generation.

The Project has been sanctioned to SUPRATIVA in recognition of its 15 years service to the rural population through innovative, need based community health & development projects.

NGO are expected to complement and supplement the government health infrastructure and not substitute it. The NGOs’ efforts are more effective by developing linkages with local government, related government departments and establishment networks with technical and resource institutions.

FNGOs under the MNGO scheme are involved in service delivery in addition to advocacy and awareness generation. The key delivery areas under the MNGO scheme are maternal & child health, adolescent & reproductive health, family planning, prevention & management of RTI.