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Over the past few years there has been a phenomenal increase in the number of vehicles. This is not surprising keeping in mind the corresponding increase in the purchasing power of the people in general. However, with the increase of vehicle traffic number of accidents have increased correspondingly – many of these accidents prove fatal. Studies carried out by different agencies and research organisations have shown that most of these accidents can be attributed to road accidents are more than many spectacular natural disasters. However, as this accident are spread over through the year and occurs at different points of time deaths due to these accidents do not attract much public attention. So, road safety is a must for everybody, even for the pedestrians to negotiate the ever-crowded roads safety.

Everybody keeps on talking about road safety. However, there are only a few organisations actually make the words into deeds through their sheer determination and vision. SUPRATIVA has been doing exemplary work for the cause of road safety & accident prevention. Since 1997 it has been working actively to spread the message of road safety among the common people.

These efforts have given the organisation rich dividends. During its illustrious work in road safety programme, the organisation has achieved many milestones. Some of the more important achievements, which have directly been responsible to brings down accidents, are given below-

  • It has been making relentless service in educating, motivating & involving thousands of road users every year. A series of activity like seminars, workshops, training camps, symposiums, foot rallies, competitions, street theaters, audiovisual shows, eye testing camps etc. for road users have been conducted by him at regular interval of time. Around 50,000 road users have been benefited within last 10 years.
  • Many useful printing materials on road traffic education has been developed in local language (Oriya) which targeted groups like pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, and motor vehicle drivers etc. The organisation is now publishing a periodical “Safe Roadway” through FPRA.
  • It is conducting refresher training course for heavy motor vehicle drivers with their brief medical checkup, personal accident insurance, cash incentive etc. More than 3000 drivers have been benefited so far. Broadly the refresher training course covers different subjects like essential quality of a driver, causes of accidents & their remedies, traffic control measures, road signs, traffic rules, lane discipline, overtaking, parking etc. with test check.
  • Under the aegis of SUPRATIVA, Forum for Prevention of Road Accidents (FPRA) has been established with the mission to overcome the uphill crisis of endangered human life live on roads. The Forum is equally concerned with evolving new alternatives in road safety measures through continuous research works, debates, critics etc. on this core issue.
  • The organization has analyzed the various contributing factors of road accidents in national & state highways and recommend some constructive suggestions on road safety & accident prevention to the State Transport Authority.
  • To identify passengers and good carrying vehicles under off road condition, violating the permit conditions and breaking traffic rules etc., a video recording program is being conducted periodically. On basis of this, many offenders have been prosecuted by Transport Commissioner, Orissa recently.
  • Considering the need of proper driving training among the light as well as heavy motor vehicle drivers, it has established a training school at Fakirpada. This School is functioning on a non-profit basis to enable wider impact and reach.
  • The Secretary of the organization has been conferred with IRTE and Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in 2007 for his outstanding contribution and achievement in the field of road safety and accident prevention.