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The organization has been founded with one of the primary objectives to popularize science in the society. It has since evolved into a Peoples’ Science Movement with a clear mandate of shaping science and technology, ensuring its utilization to benefit the weaker sections of society. We believe that in a world dominated by science and technology, science communication and popularization is of utmost importance especially for our country where a large population needs to be told about the impact of science and technology in their daily lives. The organization has been actively engaged in undertaking several program in science popularization and stimulation of a scientific temper among people. The organization is successfully transmitting the message of science and scientific knowledge through traditional and digital media. We have implemented many interesting projects with Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. Those were:

  • Detection and Prevention of Adulteration in Food Stuffs
  • Root and Shoot Project for School Children
  • Resource Persons Training Program for Nature Study Activities
  • Volunteer Plus: Resource Persons Training Program on Disaster Preparedness
  • Motivational Program for the Talented Students of Higher Secondary Education
  • Resource Person Training Program for Open Ended Experiments Based on Hydroponics
  • Training Program on Prevention and Detection of Adulteration in Food Stuffs
  • Training Program for Science Communicators through Digital Media
  • Workshop on Mathematical Model Making and Problem Solving for Secondary School Teachers

Establishment of Technical Resource Centre under PROBE Program